Jason Carlson


Jason began studying Angel communication in 2008 and officially began offering Quantum-Touch® sessions in 2012 as a Certified Practitioner. He follows guidance and uses Quantum-Touch principals during his spiritual healing sessions as he channels in frequencies and vibrations for expanded consciousness, shifts, clearing, awakenings and greater empowerment for the client.

Distant/remote sessions available as well as outcalls including house clearing and pet sessions.

Jason books by appointment. Fees are determined by the scope of the session.


Fort Worth, Texas

Dates/times: by appointment
Offering: Spiritual Enhancement Sessions using Quantum-Touch and Energy Medicine Principals
Location:  Jason’s Office
2511 Rodeo Plaza
La Plaza Building
Fort Worth, Texas 76164
Local Coordinator: Jason Carlson, 817-210-5999, jason@healingquantumlee.com




The techniques, procedures and ideas implemented in my sessions are not intended as medical advice, nor are they intended as a substitute for the medical advice of a trained health care professional. Consult your physician regarding any condition that may require medical attention.