5/15 Free Talks




Join a unique group of our exhibitors as they share their wisdom and insights as leaders in their fields. Learn more about what our group of speakers are offering at the Fair as they share with you during a 30 minute presentation. This month, these talks will be held inside the venue in the Green Room. Read descriptions of each presentation below.


Enter the Green Room via the stage. Seating is limited. Free admission to each presentation unless otherwise noted.






1:20pm – 1:50 pm
“Spiritual Nurturing for Intuitive Children” w/ Michelle Henderson

About Michelle: 
Michelle Henderson, M. Ed. worked in education as a teacher, educational diagnostician, and behavior analyst for thirty years. In 2021, Michelle became a Certified Spiritual Advisor with Psychic and Medium Certificates through the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development. With the knowledge she obtained through her life-long work with children, she became passionate about helping intuitive children embrace their gifts. Michelle also shares her innovative ideas with other lightworkers, giving them direction about supporting families of intuitive children. Her book, Spiritual Nurturing for Intuitive Children: Training Parents to Embrace and Enhance Their Psychic Child’s Abilities was published on January 5, 2022.

Description: If you are a psychic, medium, spiritual coach, lightworker, work with families that are raising an intuitive child, or a parent this session is for you! What if we encourage these children’s spiritual growth? Michelle will discuss how you can nurture and embrace a child’s psychic ability.

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2:00pm – 2:30 pm
“Every Day Techniques & Tools to Grow Your Intuition” w/ Tina Todaro

About Tina:
Tina has been a Tarot Reader for 20 years, a Reiki Master Practitioner for 10 years, and a teacher of Tarot as well. Her purpose is to help others connect with their spiritual path, and grow from each other like we were meant to. Now part of the Sacred Journey Experience team endeavor, she hopes that this will be one more beacon of light for people to share kindness and love. 

Description: In her years of teaching and reading, she has never met someone who didn’t have the talent of connecting to their intuition, only people who didn’t know how to grow it, or had different expectations. She will talk about simple techniques and tools that will help you develop it, the different types of intuition and senses, and hopefully she’d some light into what being an intuitive person really is.

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2:40pm – 3:10 pm
“Group Healing Meditation” w/ Rhonda Lightfoot Pierce


About Rhonda: Rhonda is a powerful healer as she connects with and channels Source Energy. This All Encompassing LOVE Energy can help you with all aspects of your life; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and so much more. 

Description: In this group setting Rhonda will give powerful healing energy to all. Each participant will receive the healing they are ready to receive. Wellness Medicine for Health and Healing.

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3:20pm – 3:50 pm
“The Gene Keys: A Self-Illuminating Voyage of Awakening Your Unique Genius” w/ Alisha AE


About Alisha: Alisha is a guide for others who are ready to live deep, soul connected, heart centered lives. She is a licensed Heart Centered Facilitator and Certified Gene Keys Guide who uses an array of esoteric tools when guiding others. 

Description: This is an introduction to the Gene Keys. I’ll share how treading the Golden Path of your profile takes you on a journey of self-illumination. You’ll learn how by going on this voyage you will awaken your unique genius, heal deeply held wounds, and unlock your prosperity as you commit to living your higher purpose. 

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4:00pm – 4:30 pm
“Quantum-Touch Demonstration” w/ Jason Carlson


About Jason: Jason is a Quantum-Touch Level 1 Instructor, Gathering of Angels Instructor and the Director & Co-Founder of the Holistic Fair. As a Practitioner of Healing, his heart’s desire is to lovingly assist others along their own path and growth processes with new awareness and empowerment.

Description: Join Jason as he presents Quantum-Touch, an energetic modality using life-force energy, the breath and the principles of resonance and entrainment to create an optimal environment for self-healing, offering healing to others and energetic invigoration and empowerment. Also incorporating what Quantum-Touch calls, “Help From Above”, Jason will describe how using this modality along with the loving assistance of our Angels creates massive opportunities for shifts in our lives.

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