The Holistic Fair Policies & Guidelines

The Holistic Fair in Ft. Worth/Billy Bob’s Texas COVID-19 Health & Safety Policy


Mandatory Guidelines:


    • Face masks or face shields are required to be worn by everyone 10 years of age or older including the Holistic Fair Staff, Billy Bob’s Texas Staff and every guest. The only time face masks/face coverings will not be required for participants and guests is when they are seated at a table to eat or drink.
    • A dedicated Billy Bob’s Texas Sanitation Team will routinely clean high-traffic areas before, during and after operating hours.
    • All guests will enter through the west side doors down the building from the Box Office and will take the temperature of the individual when they are entering the building. If an individual registers a temperature higher than 99.5, they will not be allowed to remain in the venue.
    • Participants will enter through the west side doors, in the middle of the building past the Box Office. Billy Bob’s staff will manually take each individual’s temperature. If an individual registers a temperature higher than 99.5 F, they will not be allowed to remain in the venue.
    • Hand Sanitizer and/or Lysol will be used by participants to spray down their areas and tablets/iPads. Billy Bob’s Texas will provide hand sanitizer for each table, please bring your own Lysol.
    • In an effort to reduce customer lingering around tables, no samples will be out for food and beauty products.
    • Healing practitioners and massage therapists that touch clients hands-on using a massage table or chair need to wipe down and/or Lysol the table/chair in between clients and also change out the paper coverings on the table/chair between each client.
    • Disinfect any items that come into contact with customers (tablets, iPad, pens, stylus).
    • Wash or sanitize hands after the payment process for each client/customer. Customers should wash or sanitize their hands after the payment process as well.
    • Every individual will respect social distancing guidelines. Individuals waiting in line in front of a vendor booth will stand 6+ feet apart.
    • Participants will eat meals away from their table, at either side bar off of the Showroom floor or at a table at the Honkey Tonk Kitchen.


Highly recommended:


    • Disposable table coverings are recommended, or no table coverings at all.
    • Staggered arrivals for participant set up, minimizing close contact with others. Arriving earlier than usual is recommended.
    • Readers & healing practitioners offering readings/sessions should have their clients schedule their appointments prior to arrival and then text them when it is time for their appointment to prevent waiting around their tables and chairs.
    • Limit the number of handouts on your table to reduce transmission of the virus. It is preferable that each vendor keep printed material out of reach and hand each guest their own printed material individually.
    • Use touchless payment options such as Venmo, PayPal, Apple/Android Pay and Zelle if possible.
    • Do not let clients touch/handle retail items for sale (unless they hand sanitize prior to touching the products).
    • Vendors should limit the number of people working their booth to 2 or less.
    • Vendors shall avoid all unnecessary hand to hand contact with customers. Items should be placed on the table or bagged for customers to pick up.




By completing this online form, I am stating that I understand and agree to the policies and guidelines listed in this document and also understand that I may be asked to leave the venue immediately, without a refund, if there are any issues with compliance to anything listed in this agreement. I also understand that each participant and Holistic Fair staff member is expected to be flexible, knowing that changes and/or updates may occur on the spot. I intend to have a wonderful day with my friends at the Holistic Fair!