11/14 Vendors & Exhibitors


VIRTUAL READINGS BY SANDY WINNETTE: Sandy is offering phone readings on Fair day from 12-6pm! Pricing is $1/minute and is a special offer for this event. She will not be in person during the Fair, she will be working virtually. www.thespiritualgarden.com



Dolphin Angel Wings Whispering Voices (Dr. Sarai Susanna Joy PhD, D.Min.) – Soul-2-Soul Seer – Your Soul Messages. Spirit Medium & Healer. Psychometry Astro-Numerology, Pet Communication, Intuitive Health Wellness Scan, Connecting with Angels, Guides or Departed Spirit People & Pets. Past Lives. www.dolphinangelwings.com



Twisted Candle Company (Robert Del Quadro) – Hand Crafted Parasoy & Beeswax Candles including: Skulls, 3rd Eye Cats, Owls, Male/Female Ritual, Santa Muerte, Day of the Dead Skulls & similar styles. www.twistedcandlecompany.com



Arlington Integrative Medical Center (Dr. Shabana Parvez) – Pulse/Face/Tongue Readings to Determine Temperment/Body Type, Rapid Release Massage Therapy (Trigger Point ), Dry Cupping & Massage Cupping, B-12 Injections for Energy Boost. www.arlingtonintegrative.com



OA Botanicals (Sarah Worley) – Aromatherapy & Meditation Tools. www.oabotanicals.com


Forever Diligent (Jonathan Laws) – Forever Diligent Bioenergetics is offering FREE Auric Field Analysis & CBD Samples! www.thePowerofYou.life


ZenTala (Stacey Smith) – Reiki Treatments, Healing Crystal Jewelry, Handmade Malas, Crystals, Incense. www.facebook.com/ZenTalabyStacey/


Helen Watson – Tarot Card Readings, Handwriting Analysis, Astrology, Numerology, Feng Shui & Healing. www.facebook.com/helen.watson.9862273


Kathy Minier – Psychic Card Readings with Hand Painted Cards and Astrology. 


Artio Artisanals (Bear & Wendy Griffin) – Crystals & Stones, Jewelry, Hair Accessories, Spiritual & Ceremonial Tools, Incense & Smudges, Essential Oils, Crocheted Accessories & other Metaphysical Items. www.artioartisanals.com


The Nature Gypsy (Erin Deel) Readings, Chair Based Energy Healing, Plasma Based Healing Devices including Patches, Wands & More. www.thenaturegypsy.com


It’s My Nature (Mary Helen Schmidt) – Animal Communicator, Medium. www.itsmynature-mhs.com


Celestine Therapy (Ruth Bucher) – BodyWork Modality: TRAGER(TM) Mind-Body Integration Therapy, Hands-on try-out sessions. www.celestinetherapy.com


Therapeutic Massage Therapy (Hannah Setu) – Massage and Reiki. www.hannahsetu.com


Exquisite Designs (Antoinette B. Williams) – One of a Kind Handmade Jewelry. @exquisite_designs_jewelry on Instagram


Merciful Healing (Mercy Calderon) – Holy Fire Reiki Sessions, Singing Bowls, Candles, Jewelry, Sprays & Crystals. www.facebook.com/mercifulhealing


Mad Sigh-Ence (Donna Felkner) – Makers of a line of CBD Drops & Infused Products, also All Natural Skin Care & Healing Products. www.etsy.com/shop/MadSighEnce


Alisha AE Soul Obsessed (Alisha Anguiano-Espinoza) – Promoting Desire Map Workshops which are programs to help people live more Holistic & Intentional Lives. Offering introductions to the Desire Map, Desire Map Books, Truthbomb Decks & White Hot Truth Books. www.alishaae.com


Rhonda Lightfoot Pierce Rhonda Lightfoot Energy Healer – Energy Healing Sessions using Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki, Shamanic Reiki & Sekhem Healing. www.facebook.com/LightWorksHolisticHealing


Rooted Crystals Karina Amaya – Crystals, Fossils, Handmade Jewelry, Palo Santo, Sage & Singing Bowls. www.facebook.com/Rooted-Crystals-100554064701749


Teresa Tobar – Spiritual Healing, Channeling, Spiritual Tarot. www.facebook.com/teresa.tobar.52?fref=ts


Sole Sister (Dinah Sherrill) – Reflexology Hand & Foot Massage.


Quartz Source/Aura Photos (Wayne Darling) – Crystals, Stones, Jewelry and Aura Photography. www.theauraphotographer.com


Renewal by Andersen – Home Improvement Information. www.rbaofdfw.com


Body Nirvana (Kimberly Edwards) – Oxygen Bar, Back Massages, Yeso Body Wraps. 


Tina’s Tarot Readings – Tarot Readings & Psychic Counseling. facebook.com/TinasTarotReadingZ


Heartstorming by Cindy Cindy Clark – Intuitive Guidance, Channeling, Lenormand Readings, Heartstorming Sessions. www.facebook.com/gaia5683


The Blue Lotus Shop (Tanya Rojas) – Your One Stop Shop for all of your Spiritual Needs; Tarot, Runes, Dreamcatchers, Graphic Tees, Smudge Sticks & more! www.thebluelotusshop.com


Moonbeamz (Bobbie Garnet) – Unique/Original Gemstone Jewelry, Intention Candles, Meditation Boxes, Altar Boxes & Handmade Journals. www.facebook.com/Moonbeamz2021


Moonlights Apothecary (Jordyn Copeland) – Specializing in Organic Cold Process Enchanted Soaps made with Essential Oils & charged with Crystals & Energy. Other offerings include Bath Brews for Ritual Baths, Body Scrubs, Spell Kits & Tarot Readings by Jordyn. www.moonlightsapothecary.com


Abilene Intuitive Healer By Juliet (Juliet) – Tarot, Palmistry, Crystal Healing, Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, Angel Communication, Intuitive Readings, Sample Meditations & Healings, Items including Crystals, Healing Stones & Essential Oils. https://psychicjuliet227.wixsite.com/abilenepsychic


Erthy Bruja Shannon Price – Spiritual Bath Products. www.erthybruja.com


Michelle Henderson Medium (Michelle Henderson) – Medium & Psychic Readings, Spiritual Art. www.michellehendersonmedium.com


Rising Sun Studios (Lilith Blackmoon) – Readings: Akashic Records, Tarot, Oracle, Energy Clearing, Mediumship, Past Lives, Handcrafted Wooden Bowls & Gifts. www.lilithblackmoon444.wixsite.com/risingsunstudios


The GreenMan Studios (Arthur Graye) – Offering different Handmade Products including Handmade Prayer Beads, Wire Wrapped Crystal Pendants, Handmade Soaps & Bracelets, Basic Metaphysical Supplies & aromatherapy Sprays. www.thegreenmanstudios.com


Deelicious Scrubs & More (Deauhijela V. Jackson) – Beard Oil, Beard Shampoo, Scrubs with Essential Oils, Bath Salts, Bath Teas, Lip Balm, Lip Scrubs, Facial Serum, Roll On Body Oil with Essential Oil, Facial Toners, Foot Soak, Vapor Rub, Lotion Sticks, Face Wash, Bath Accessories, Soap. www.etsy.com/shop/deeliciousscrub


Spark Something Consulting Caprice Prickett – Crystals. www.spark-something.com


Capricorn Shamaness – Angelic Oracle Readings, Shamanic Healing, and Crystal Eggs/Wands. www.capricornshamaness.me


ECKANCAR – Introduction to The Path of Spiritual Freedom. www.meetup.com/Eckankar-FtWorth-TX


FreeForm Chiropractic West 7th (Dr. Dustin Worthington) – Computerized Spinal Nerve Screenings, General Chiropractic Education. www.freeformchiropractic.com


Dreams To Keep (Shilo Arrant, DJ Willey & Sawyer Nunez) – Readings, Baubles & Tea. 


The Past Life Lady (Shelley A. Kaehr, Ph.D.) – Books including “Edgar Cayce’s Egyptian Energy Healing” and “Blast From the Past”, also offering Past Life Readings. www.pastlifelady.com


Doralyn’s Love For Light (Deanna Baza) – E’Homana Hawianan Healing Sessions, Handemade Soy Candles infused with Healing Energy, Crystals, Herbs & Crafted Lanterns. www.doralynsloveforlight.com


Green Mantis LLC (Greg Good) – Organic CBD Oil, Organic CBD Lotion, Pure CBD Vape Pens,  Quantum Tech Negative Ion Crystal Products infused with Tourmaline, Germanium & Carbonized Titanium Crystals (Necklace, Bracelets, Tourmaline Knee, Ankle, Elbow Sleeves, Tourmaline Socks, Back Belt, EMF Card, Wand & More. www.greenmantishemp.com


Feather Jewelry Creations (Rob & Cathy Feather) – Hand-Forged Copper Jewelry. www.featherjewelrycreations.com