5/15 Vendors & Exhibitors


Jason Carlson – Angel Consultations & Quantum-Touch Energetic Sessions. www.healingquantumlee.com



Dolphin Angel Wings Whispering Voices (Dr. Sarai Susanna Joy PhD, D.Min.) – Soul-2-Soul Seer – Your Soul Messages. Spirit Medium & Healer. Psychometry Astro-Numerology, Pet Communication, Intuitive Health Wellness Scan, Connecting with Angels, Guides or Departed Spirit People & Pets. Past Lives. www.dolphinangelwings.com



Twisted Candle Company (Robert Del Quadro) – Hand Crafted Parasoy & Beeswax Candles including: Skulls, 3rd Eye Cats, Owls, Male/Female Ritual, Santa Muerte, Day of the Dead Skulls & similar styles. www.twistedcandlecompany.com



Radiant Sun Academy (Stephanie Francis ) – Thai Massage, merch, Jewelry, Oils, Face & Body Creams, Info about Ayurveda, Yoga, Healing, Meditation & Breath Work. www.radiantsunacademy.com


ZenTala (Stacey Smith) – Reiki Treatments, Healing Crystal Jewelry, Handmade Malas, Crystals, Incense. www.facebook.com/ZenTalabyStacey/


Helen Watson – Tarot Card Readings, Handwriting Analysis, Astrology, Numerology, Feng Shui & Healing. www.facebook.com/helen.watson.9862273


Artio Artisanals (Bear & Wendy Griffin) – Crystals & Stones, Jewelry, Hair Accessories, Spiritual & Ceremonial Tools, Incense & Smudges, Essential Oils, Crocheted Accessories & other Metaphysical Items. www.artioartisanals.com


Celestine Therapy (Ruth Bucher) – BodyWork Modality: TRAGER(TM) Mind-Body Integration Therapy, Hands-on try-out sessions. www.celestinetherapy.com


Therapeutic Massage Therapy (Hannah Setu) – Massage and Reiki. www.hannahsetu.com


Alisha AE Soul Obsessed (Alisha Anguiano-Espinoza) – Guiding People to Live Deep, Soul Connected, Heart Centered Lives though Workshops & 1:1 Guidance. Offering Tools for Self-Discovery such as Books, Workbooks & Card Decks, and Promoting Workshops & 1 on 1 Guidance. www.alishaae.com


Rhonda Lightfoot Pierce Rhonda Lightfoot Energy Healer – Energy Healing Sessions using Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki, Shamanic Reiki & Sekhem Healing. www.facebook.com/LightWorksHolisticHealing


Rooted Crystals Karina Amaya – Crystals, Fossils, Handmade Jewelry, Palo Santo, Sage & Singing Bowls. www.facebook.com/Rooted-Crystals-100554064701749


Teresa Tobar – Spiritual Healing, Channeling, Spiritual Tarot. www.facebook.com/teresa.tobar.52?fref=ts


Sole Sister (Dinah Sherrill) – Reflexology Hand & Foot Massage.


Moonlights Apothecary (Jordyn Copeland) – Specializing in Organic Cold Process Enchanted Soaps made with Essential Oils & charged with Crystals & Energy. Other offerings include Bath Brews for Ritual Baths, Body Scrubs, Spell Kits & Tarot Readings by Jordyn. www.moonlightsapothecary.com


Cat’s Eye Creations (Lynsie Lukashin) – Metaphysical, Sterling Silver (solid, not plated) Wire-Wrapped Jewelry, Macrame Wall Hangings & Pyrography (wood burning art) pieces on Natural Wood Slices. www.catseyecreations.co


Michelle Henderson Medium (Michelle Henderson) – Medium & Psychic Readings, Spiritual Art. www.michellehendersonmedium.com


It’s My Nature (Mary Helen Schmidt) – Animal Communicator, Medium. www.itsmynature-mhs.com


FreeForm Chiropractic West 7th (Dr. Dustin Worthington) – Computerized Spinal Nerve Screenings, General Chiropractic Education. www.freeformchiropractic.com


Golden Light and Love (Mary Delano Otis) – DNA Activations, Quantum Healing, Aura Chakra Imaging, Balancing Products. www.GoldenLightAndLove.com


Wiggins’ Wonders and Wisdom (Bobby Wiggins) – Oracle Card & Crystal Readings, Reiki in Zero Gravity Chair, Coaching & Spiritual Guidance included, Jewelry and/or Artwork. www.wondersandwisdom.com


Merciful Healing (Mercy Calderon) – Holy Fire Reiki Sessions, Singing Bowls, Candles, Jewelry, Sprays & Crystals. www.facebook.com/mercifulhealing


Color Street Dry Nail Polish (Belinda Galipp) – Dry Nail Polish in an easy Peel & Apply Strip. www.colorstreet.com/belindagalipp


Journey to Wellness (Robin Thomason) – Energy work using Quantum Biofeedback; Aura Pictures; Frequency Imprinted Silicone Wristbands. www.journeytowellness.co


Rooted Life Montessori (Kathy Machalica) – Rooted Life Montessori school offers a 6-week long Summer Brain Connection Camp! At camp kids will learn: Brain Education, Brain Exercise, Emotional Intell, Sensorial/Visual Arts & Social Skills Development. www.rootedlifemontessori.com


Anjika Energy (Anjika Campbell) – Energy Intuitive + Energy Healer offering Readings & Healing Sessions. www.anjikaenergy.com


Angel Card Reading by Amber (Amber Shanks) – Angel Readings. www.facebook.com/amber.shanks.14


Allotrope Wellness (Barbara & Stuart Diamond) – Handcrafted Cold Process Soaps, Artisan Skincare Products, Bath Salts, Scrubs, Beeswax Candles Scented with Essential Oils. www.allotropewellness.com


Quartz Source/Aura Photos (Wayne Darling) – Crystals, Stones, Jewelry and Aura Photography. www.theauraphotographer.com


OA Botanicals (Sarah Worley) – Aromatherapy & Meditation Tools. www.oabotanicals.com


Oil Essentials by Mimi (Maria Salinas Gallemore) – Offering Free Samples of Essential Oils, Oil Blends, Make & Take Oil Rollers. www.my.doterra.com/mimisalinas


Itera Psysiotherapy Wand (Veronica Rogers) – Touchless Massage with Iterawand. 


Katie M Palmer, FDN-P (Katie Palmer) – Live Blood Analysis. www.katiempalmer.net


Green Witch’s Brew (Charlie Hilliard) – Organic Loose Leaf Tea & Infused Honey. www.greenwitchsbrew.com


Winter Willow Crafts (Jennifer McElreath) – Epoxy Tumblers, Canvas Bags, Divination Boards, Wreaths, Sun Catchers, Jewelry, Eclectic Décor. www.facebook.com/Winter-Willow-Crafts-107821998520889


Renewal by Andersen (Whitney Anderson) – Information Regarding Replacement Windows & Doors. www.dallaswindowsdoors.com


MindBodyManifest (Tahitta Diaz) – Reiki Therapy and Herbalife Nutrition Shakes & Teas. Instagram: mind.body.manifest


Sacred Journey (Deanna Baza) – Products: Energy Change Healing Candles, Crystal Jewelry, Lanterns, Spiritual Books, Journals, Oracle Cards, Tarot Decks, Loose Crystal. Services: Guidance/Card Readings, Akashic Records, Ti Chi, Past Life Regression, E’Ohomana, Reiki. www.sacredjourney111.com


Stratus Boutique & Henna (Farida Degani) – Henna Art & Handwoven Silk Pashmias, Hand Embroidered Stoles, Silk Masks.


Green Match LLC (Speranta Cristache) – Oracle Card Readings. www.speranta.me


La Rosa Encantedora – Intuitive Tarot Readings, Crystals & Jewelry. www.facebook.com/LaRosaEncantadora1


E Ho’omana (Tamara Conner) – Hawaiian Products, HGH Quality Bracelets, Pendalums, Oracle Cards. www.ehoomana.com


The Twisted Woodland (Johnathon & Katelyn Goltz) – Handcrafted Wire Tree Sculptures & Wearable Art, Crafted in-house to include the wood harvested from their homestead used for items. No two pieces are ever the same. www.thetwistedwoodland.com


Theraptiva Premier Mobile IV (Shannon Meinecke, RN) – Customized IV Therapy including Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Zinc, Magnesium & more. www.theraptiva.com


Abilene Intuitive Healer By Juliet (Juliet) – Tarot, Palmistry, Crystal Healing, Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, Angel Communication, Intuitive Readings, Sample Meditations & Healings, Items including Crystals, Healing Stones & Essential Oils. https://psychicjuliet227.wixsite.com/abilenepsychic