Angels to Jesus – November 2016

Angels to Jesus


Carol Lee is not your typical Medium; Spiritual Consultant, Energy Healer – she is far more than that!  She does not have a magic wand but offers messages from above and embraces every Soul with Love.
At age four, she had her first Near Death Experience where Angels took her to Jesus. Her closeness to God, his Angels and Jesus has always been part of her life and deeply embedded in her heart and soul.  In the beginning, she always wanted to please. Please God, please her parents and please her friends wishing to be a Fairy Godmother would be perfect!
As a youngster coming from a dysfunctional home where everything seemed to be a daily struggle, she learned very early on how to be an observer without engaging in the drama of every experience of life. Through nightly prayers and heartfelt conversations with God along with salty tears streaming down her face, slowly drifting off to sleep saying the traditional children’s prayer, “Now I lay me down to sleep.”
Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord, my soul to keep.
If I should die, before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take.

HQL’S “THE GATHERING” Healing Circle
We have scheduled “THE GATHERING” Healing Circle for every other month beginning in December 2016.
The purpose of “The Gathering”:
Developing the healer and spiritual growth is an evolutionary process like a flower unfolding its petals. The essence to transform your life always lies within you and it is my passion to assist in unlocking this powerful essence as we embrace the Mind, Body and Spirit activating your Soul’s journey! Embracing the importance of Help from Above, your intuition, self-care and learning from a seasoned mentor and wise women. 
  • Offers introductory to advanced education in the field of Energy Medicine, spiritual growth and embraces health and wellness
  • Empowering and inspiring people to break free from a “safety zone” and step into a more purposeful, powerful; passionate you…a more enlightened you!
  • Mentor spiritual students, practitioners of energy healing modalities, light-workers and mediumship development
  • Offering specific energetic techniques and tools to develop a higher degree of knowledge to enhance your Energy Medicine Healing Practice
  • Deepen skills of awareness and willingness to flow with the situation allows things to happen naturally, with little difficulty or stress


“The Gathering” dates and descriptions below:


December 11th – “Transition with Ease”
Energetically and gracefully opening the doorways for transition by accessing the energy centers (chakras) and all energy fields. We will be creating a sacred space for healing and using massage tables offering deep relaxation and healing for this interactive technique.
February 12th – “Lymph Drainage for Sinuses”
We will be using light-touch and a keen awareness to access the rhythm of the lymph system in the head, face and neck. This technique will assist in developing your senses of very light-touch as you enhance your intuition with this healing.


April 9th – “Brain Synapse Reset & Endocrine Reset”
In our comfortable healing space, we will be offering an afternoon of Healing, resetting our Brain Synapse and Endocrine System to establish a renewed sense of Balance and Peace while boosting our immune systems.


June 11th – “Self-Care & Healing Sessions”
An afternoon of Self-care, Healing sessions, Q&A.


The fee for each Gathering is $100.00. (RSVP & pre-registration is required.)


1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Jason’s Office
2511 Rodeo Plaza
La Plaza Building
Ft. Worth, Texas 76164


Local Coordinators: contact Carol Lee or Jason Carlson for details.


In light,
Carol Lee