Did you know? – August 2016


Healing Quantum-Lee, the Holistic Fair and Sigma Mailing Service are a part of the Fort Worth Stockyards Business Association and are included in their Calendar of Events and monthly newsletter. Their website has around 1,000,000 visits from folks each year.


. . . ONE OF THE GREATEST CHALLENGES in our world today lies not in what is going on around us, but what is going on INSIDE of us. Understanding the Mind, Body and Spirit including your Emotions allows us to begin to become aware to know the Self that is uniquely you. It is through awareness and deep understanding that we can be active, benevolent and impactful participants in Life and Self-Healing.

As we move through our lives, there are many experiences that can leave us feeling overwhelmed, helpless or lost. We might lose a job – even if it wasn’t our perfect occupation the income was important to us. We might experience a divorce, separation or the death of a pet that we loved and who loved us so much. Worse yet, the passing of a loved one may leave us wondering where our future will be going.

No matter what kind of loss, a period of grieving inevitably follows it. Grieving is normal and appropriate. It rightfully gives us time to contemplate as we regroup and recover. This period of time can last for days or weeks or months – but at some point, we need to gather the pieces of our lives together and redirect our focus.

We are here on this earth plane to experience and live life to the fullest. If you find yourself unable to move on or to make new plans after your personal loss or overwhelming life experiences, I am here to help you.

As a Spiritual Consultant, Angel Therapist® and Intuitive Empath I can answer many of your questions concerning the loss you have experienced: money finance, relationships and your future. I am ready to help you move forward. It is time to recover your life’s purpose. Call for your private personal appointment!


. . . The GATHERING OF ANGELS WORKSHOP introduces you to Your God Team of Angels, and they have access to resources that will help you save time and give you peace of mind.

Your Angels are here for you! GOA provides telepathic guidance and support for life’s challenges and concerns. Whether you’re facing grief over the loss of a loved one, loneliness, or family issues, GOA knowledge and perfect tools can provide assistance in your life.


. . . QUANTUM-TOUCH® LEVEL 1 & 2 WORKSHOPS are methods of energetic healing that works with the Life Force Energy of the body to promote optimal wellness. Level 1 focuses on physical, hands-on healing also providing an introduction to distant healing. Level 2 focuses mainly on distant healing. Learn more about Quantum-Touch® by visiting the QT website.

Some of the things you will experience and learn:
What Quantum-Touch® is and its history and principles
Five different breathing patterns and Full Body Sweep technique
Assessing and running energy into the spine, hips and occipital ridge
Intermediate & advanced QT technique on basic energy patterns
Recognize and release suppressed, oppressed or repressed emotions
Resonance of allowing manifestation, with distant, self-healing and amplified resonance technique
Chakras 1-7: their colors, working with them and toning
Principles of running energy into objects


. . . SPIRITUAL ACTIVITY IS REAL and just not on TV or in Movies. Unseen energy can be in your house, patterns of the land, and around or within you!

In my new class “Energy Vampires” we will explore energy drains like living in the major cities, old towns, land with energy patterns of past experiences and Spiritual Loved ones that have not crossed over. We will discuss how each of us transmits and receives energy that either promotes or compromises our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of ourselves and others.

Whether you are new to the field of Energy Medicine or are already a practitioner and would like to learn more about working with the unseen, this course is for you!

Spiritual Activity and the Rite of Safe Passage

July 17, 2016, The Angels orchestrated an ideal opportunity for a Full Moon transition in Gainesville, Texas. Many Spiritual Loved Ones have made their presences felt or visible to citizens and visitors for years. That Saturday night I was able to communicate with unseen energies that were ready to cross over to the other side. This meeting, gathering, and the communications were with me, and three other friends and with the permission of the owner of Sarah’s on the Square. A Blessed Event!


. . . CAROL & JASON GET LOVING TESTIMONIALS about the work we are offering, GOA, QT, Distant Healing and the Fair!

(Text Message)
What a great class! Thank you, Carol Lee. You are a blessing to the planet! Big Hugs!
The Angels thank you for stepping up and being a tenacious lighthouse!! Shine on noble Angel lady!!

This little light of mine is called forth to shine in TEXAS right now! Never would have thought? I Love the gift of getting to know my God Team better and better. So very grace-filled! Gratitude filled and Empowering.


L from Texas

Hi Carol, thank you for checking on me. I didn’t respond right away because I was hoping to feel better first. Since we got rid of the bed, I don’t have anxiety anymore when I go to sleep at night, so I’m able to sleep right away and much more peaceably. That has been wonderful. So thankful the Angels showed me the need to get rid of it, and other ancestral furniture and furnishing (and flatware!). I feel a bit more energy, but not like I hoped. I’m still having memories come up, and that takes a lot of energy. The beautiful thing that happened when you did the distant healing was we had a tree my sister gave us about 20 years ago, and it’s never done well. Stayed small, bugs would eat the leaves early in summer, and I wondered why it was so peaked. One day, during the time of healing, I walked past it, and it smelled fantastic and was full of flowers and bees, as well as being much bigger. I said to my husband, “have you seen the tree Sheryl gave us?” He said he had and was also amazed. We looked it up and found it is a locus tree. It has never had flowers or those big green leaves with little yellow leaves, and never smelled that lovely smell of flowers (because there weren’t any!). I still go out and admire it and am so thankful for it and its healing! Thank you!

My life is better since meeting you, and being introduced to my God team, and I’m so thankful for it all!! ❤️


C from Ohio

Carol, I want to say enjoyed the class, but that’s not the right word. What an experience! When we were working on Pat, I was looking at my hands; they looked like my hands but didn’t look like my hands.

C from Texas

Dear Carol, What a unique video of you working with Sam who has MS. I have witnessed you work on many people in various classes I have taken with you and am so glad this healing was captured on video in live time for all to witness. QT is a fantastic tool, especially in your hands.
Thanks for sharing your amazing abilities with so many. I am truly blessed to call you my teacher.

You are lovingly blessed,

Margaret from Florida

In light,

Carol Lee