Jason’s Story – June 2016

Jason’s Story: from Gathering of Angels to NOW


I normally keep my thoughts and experiences close to my vest as they can be personal at times and the fact that I am actually a shy person. We have been sending out the HQL newsletter for a couple of years now and I don’t believe that I have shared any personal experiences or MY testimonial. I do have a testimonial, and I am going to share a little bit about how my life has changed over the last 8 years and how profound the workshops and experiences that Healing Quantum-Lee offers have been for me.


I met Carol Lee at church one Sunday in 2007. It was at the end of the service and time for announcements. The minister was announcing upcoming events, and Carol had an event on the list. It was her turn to stand up and tell us about her upcoming series of Sunday workshops at the church titled “The Gathering of Angels”. I watched from my seat in the balcony as Carol gave her promotion for the classes, way down on the floor
in the middle of the pew seating. I immediately sat up in my seat and my attention was focused on everything she had to say. The service concluded and I moved quickly as I made my way down the stairs and over to Carol. “Carol, I will be at the class” I told her. I was excited and also a bit stunned at the same time. I had never met anyone that “worked with Angels” or “communicated with Angels” at that point and I couldn’t believe that this opportunity was now waiting for me, I certainly wasn’t expecting it. I had purchased one book, “The Lightworker’s Way” by Doreen Virtue at a Borders Books at some point prior to this time and I really connected with her story and the Angelic energies that she wrote about. As I read the book, it stirred feelings inside of me but I had not had any experiences consciously bringing those energies into my daily life or had any formal training. I attended the 6 classes in the weekly series and this started my journey with Carol Lee, my God Team and embarked on a path of ever increasing higher consciousness, awareness and personal empowerment.


I have started sharing some of my experiences in the Healing Quantum-Lee workshops because I want class mates to understand where I came from, what I have struggled with along the way and how I have put the techniques that are being taught into practice to create the desired changes in my own life. Some of you were in classes with me when I began 8 years ago but many were not and only see the present day version of my Self. Let me say this – I must have had a lot of “stuff” to clear because I spent my first period of time in classes crying, actually. I’m not talking about the first two or three classes, I am talking about the first two or three years. Why? Well, it is not entirely uncommon actually. For me, it was a lot of things. Feelings of unworthiness, being overwhelmed, clearing things of the past and allowing myself to open up to more (whatever that “more” was going to be – I had no idea). Initially, one of the most powerful components was finding out who I was. What do people call people like me? I always knew that I was different, that I didn’t really fit in but that I trusted God faithfully. I was very affected by my surroundings, people, and just everything in life without knowing why, or even what I was feeling at times. When I began to learn about the different ways that humans can receive information through their senses, I found where I fit into that puzzle. I am an intuitive empath, meaning that I am a “feeler” above anything else. Learning that, as an empathic person, I was feeling other people’s feelings most of the time absolutely changed my life and my entire outlook on my human experience so far. Now don’t think that I figured this out one day and was able to gain a complete understanding of what this meant all at once. Absolutely not. But, it aided me in validating my experience in life and my relationships with others – including family, friends, coworkers, animals, etc. and gave me hope that I would be able to understand myself better as I traveled further down this path. I still remember one day when Carol said something to the effect of, “If you are an empath, 90% of the feelings you feel are not your own.” Okay, I didn’t NOT believe this because I knew better but it was still a defining moment for me because IF this was true, I had to look at every experience in my life through a different set of lenses. This would mean that I really did not know who I am, or at least that my perspective in regard to my own life experiences could be way off. After years of practice and working with this, my whole perspective has changed and I am not the same person that I was “back then”. Honestly, it has taken me years (8 years so far, to be exact) working with these principals to come to a point of understanding who I am and how I can live a healthy life that I actually enjoy. Learning from trial and error and experimentation, continually resetting boundaries and completely resetting my belief system has brought me to a point of personal empowerment and the understanding and knowledge to help others along in their journey.


Along with working with the Angels and my personal God Team (energies assigned to assist me in this lifetime) I also began learning Quantum-Touch and the principals that it teaches. Learning about energy, how it works and what is possible – and one of my favorite aspects Breath-Work, has absolutely transformed my existence and my experience in this life. Do I struggle? Um, yes, at times I certainly do. At times we all do because we are humans. BUT, what I have just described to you is how I found the tools to put into my tool-belt. What do I do when I am faced with a challenge that un-grounds me or makes me feel “off”? I have gradually made a shift from medicating and/or suffering to going directly to my toolbelt and using the things I have learned to cause a change of my choosing. It has taken time to clear the things of the past in order to create space to bring in higher vibrational energies on a greater level. It has also taken time to change my experience from having profound involvement in weekend workshops to the point of bringing those energies and practices into my every-day life. It took me years, but I say this not to tell you that it will “take you years” because each of us has our own journey in our own time. I have seen many students move at unbelievable speed. But that part doesn’t really matter, does it? Here are some plain facts. When I began this stage of my journey, I had also just started a business and was also assisting family members financially. I truly didn’t have the monetary funds to spend on “expendable” things above just covering my basic needs. However, my heart told me something different and I said to God, “God, I am ready to walk down this path. Please provide the money for these classes and I will be there.” Would you like to take a guess as to what happened after that? I wasn’t tripping over bags of money, but I can honestly say that the funds always appeared, even if it was one day before a workshop. I have been blessed to have been able to attend all of Carol’s local workshops since I started back around 2008 and have gained new knowledge and empowerment with every weekend workshop since. Repeating classes has helped me immensely; to help engrain the principals into my life, to share these experiences with class mates and to walk further down the path to being a Quantum-Touch Instructor myself one day in the not so distant future.


This is an exciting month that offers a fantastic opportunity for your growth as Carol presents her newest workshop titled, “Energy Vampires”. What the heck is it? Well, it is a lot of things and it includes a lot of the principals, techniques and awareness that helped me understand who I am and how to strive toward energetic and spiritual health. Remember the “tool-belt”? You will be exposed to a whole assortment of tools to use to create balance and harmony in your life. This knowledge certainly can change your life and you very well may never be the same.


My life has never been the same after I met Carol Lee. She has shared some of her experiences with me, just as I have shared some of mine with you and that is why I know how important it is to communicate these things. What makes Carol a unique teacher? For one, she will be honest with you even if it may not be exactly what you want to hear at that moment. She will help you accomplish what needs to be done, not just what is easy and fits into her schedule or in a 7 hours class day. She will offer you homework and hold you responsible for what is yours to learn. She will assist you in following your own guidance, not just seeking answers from others. And this one is so very important – she does her best to “fill in the blanks” for you to assist in tying everything together, to create clear understanding.


I am blessed to have a testimony to share and an avenue to share it with. Thank you for being a part of the Healing Quantum-Lee world, being a part of our newsletter family and for the experiences we have together in Angel workshops, Quantum-Touch and the Holistic Fair.


Jason Carlson
Healing Quantum-Lee