MS & the Naysayer – July 2016

MS & the Naysayer



Richard Gordon calls his sessions “café sessions,” often offered complimentary or as demonstrations at Health Fairs, Wellness Expos and even presented at gatherings with friends and family.
I offer all of the above in my thriving practice as a Spiritual Medium, Intuitive Empath, and Quantum-Touch Instructor. Quantum-Touch has been my choice of technique entering into any session whether it is a one on one session, facilitating Angel audience readings or training seekers in the knowledge of Energy Medicine.
During a Spiritual Gathering in Ohio, I was offering Divine Messages to a group when suddenly my attention seemed to focus on one young lady in the group. I asked her if I may speak to her freely and share a divine message from her Angels. Her answer was, “yes”. As I proceeded with the words that seemed to flow effortlessly from my mouth I also felt such a heavy heart, a sense of deep agony along with her loving prayers embedded in her consciousness of how she could be of more help and service to others.
Using the sweeping and breathing techniques taught in QT, I can stay grounded to sense, feel and interpret messages from her inner healer and Angels without entraining to her emotional pain.
The energy and essence of her religious thoughts are very common when someone is a loving Mother or Father, Spouse, Caregiver, Healthcare practitioner or Light-worker.  We want to help and have a KNOWING; we are here on Earth to HELP, but we do not always know how to do that in a healthy way.
This sweet young lady was carrying a heavy burden in her heart as she prayed for divine intervention for her family and especially her husband who has MS. She was praying!
As I was able to sense her deep longing to help, I shared my insights with the group along with techniques and principles we teach in Quantum-Touch Level 1 and 2, information that changes lives forever. The group became more interested as we engaged in the conversation of Energy Medicine and Hands on Healing techniques along with the aspect of Distant Healing. I offered many resources for those interested in doing their research on the subject, not only the Quantum-Touch website but Dr. Oz, Oprah, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Doreen Virtue and many others.
I offered to give her husband a brief session during the lunch-break (a café session) on the second day of a Quantum-Touch Level 2 workshop.
Please take a look at the unedited video (above) taken by Celeste Feingold, a Quantum-Touch Instructor from Springdale, Ohio who was visiting our class. You will hear my conversation with Sam and my Quantum-Touch exaggerated breath in this session.
I would like to Thank Sam for allowing himself to be vulnerable even though a skeptic and giving me permission to film this short but empowering session to share.
You see my friends, sometimes we clear the “beliefs” in the mental field of consciousness that may be the root Interference before we can shift the physical body.
In this case, the energy and essence of the skeptic or naysayer was the culprit.


In light,


Carol Lee