Self-Care, Self-Created Health & Healing – Feb 2017

Self-Care, Self-Created Health & Healing


Thank you for allowing me to share my upcoming workshops and events with you via this newsletter. I hope that these offerings open your Hearts and Minds to the importance of Love – Self-Care, Self-Created Health and the knowledge of Holistic Healing!

You do so much for everyone else – your clients, your family, your friends, your community…

Do you sometimes feel tired, stressed and maybe even a little alone because there’s not many in your community that you can talk with about energy-based methods, holistic healing and your new interests Spirituality and Consciousness?

Do you ever wonder if, in the larger scheme of things, you’re making a difference? Do you wonder if you need to learn more and do more?

Imagine…..a time of renewal, inspiration, learning new techniques and connecting with like-minded colleagues.

WE have all that and more at Healing Quantum-Lee!

The Gathering Healing Circle
Sunday, February 12th
1:00pm – 5:00pm
La Plaza Building in the Stockyards
Registration fee $100.00

RSVP to attend: Jason Carlson, or Carol Lee,

Self-Created Health Workshop

Offered by Carol Lee a new Quantum-Touch®
Self-Created Health Instructor

A statement from Richard Gordon Founder of Quantum-Touch

My Most Important Workshop
It has taken me 29 years to develop this seminar. Based on my own insights and the work of many great people, I managed to piece together a highly effective system for discovering, releasing, and transforming emotional causation into love, gratitude and beyond.

Objective: Discovering, releasing, and transforming emotional causation into love, gratitude and beyond.

You will learn the 7 step process to follow for self-healing
You will learn the 12 discovery steps
You will learn a variety of ways to identify and correct specific issues
How to work with overwhelming fears
Ways to help process many forms of emotions
Learn empathy skills when resolving a conflict

Clients are delighted with the results. They see that they can actually change things within themselves instead of just dissecting them, which is so common in conventional approaches. They may have been able to cope better as a result of conventional methods, but they didn’t experience the deep, transformational change that comes from this work.

I often hear things like, ‘For the first time I didn’t doubt myself,’ or ‘For the first time, I stood up to my husband.’ They often feel a profound sense of wholeness and well being they have never felt before.

13 CE Hours Available for Massage Therapists and Hypnotherapists through the National Certified Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) and 12 CE Units by the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA).

Please note that Quantum-Touch Level 1 is a required pre-requisite before attendance at the Quantum-Touch Self-Created Health Workshop.

In light,

Carol Lee, HQL