The Power of Intention – April 2016

Healing Quantum-Lee and the Holistic Fair are growing and thriving, and we are excited to continue sharing wellness news with you and support our students, Quantum-Touch Practitioners, our vendors and like minded folks in our community and beyond! 
We are all aware of the strength and power of INTENTION and the capacity for HEALING that is available through our unified collective thoughts and prayerful meditations.
Please join in creating a BRILLIANT column of healing light anchoring it in the center of our community and the Healing Quantum-Lee organization so that from our center a healing light can build to a high intensity and extend outward clearing pathways for other like-minded people connecting with love, peace and harmony. 
May our Light be a link and instrument of healing!


Greater Happiness
Greater Understanding
Freedom from the past
Help from above and preparation for the soul to make a great leap forward

I thank God for this and more

HQL invites you to write an article or personal story on how our Fair, Workshops or Private Healing Sessions have helped you. We would love to share it in our monthly newsletter and possibly on the Quantum-Touch website.
Please submit your articles Jason Carlson ( our Fair Director and my Advertising Project Manager for Healing Quantum-Lee.   


In Light,
Carol Lee, HQL