9/8 Vendors & Exhibitors



Sole Sister (Dinah Sherrill) – Reflexology Hand & Foot Massage.



Meta Therapy & Meta Made (Charlie Guajardo) Chair Massage Therapy, Energy Work Reiki, Handmade Crafts & Cosmetics. www.metatherapywithcharlie.com



The Dancing Reflexologist (Molly Kelly, CR) Therapeutic Hand & Foot Reflexology, Foot Readings, Aromatherapy-based Foot Balms. www.thedancingreflexologist.com


Naturally Balanced Health (Dr. Sarai Susanna Joy PhD, D.Min.) – Soul-2-Soul Seer, Mystic & Healer Offering: Intuitive Spirit Mediumship, Loved Ones, Angels, Spirit Guides, Past Lives, Dream Interpretation, Astra Numerology, Pet Communication, Body Health Scan, Intuitive Healing. www.naturallybalancedhealth.com/dolphinwings.ivnu & www.naturallybalancedhealth.com


Angel Messages with Liz (Liz Hoelzel) – Angel Card Readings & Mediumship Readings. www.angelmessageswithliz.com


Magician’s Workshop (Angelique Black) – Handmade oils, soaps, lotions, bath salts & scrubs. 


Connecting The Dots To Wholeness (Tim Hess) – Health Coach/Guide & Energy Healer helping people Identify and Deal with items that are affecting their Wholeness including Physical, Mental, Energetic, and/or Spiritual.


ZenTala (Stacey Smith) – Reiki Treatments, Healing Crystal Jewelry, Handmade Malas, Crystals, Incense. www.facebook.com/ZenTalabyStacey/


Helen Watson – Tarot Card Readings, Handwriting Analysis, Astrology, Numerology, Feng Shui & Healing.


Teresa Tobar  Spiritual Healing, Channeling, Spiritual Tarot. www.facebook.com/teresa.tobar.52?fref=ts


Rev. Patricia LaDale Lane – Author, Speaker, Metaphysical Teacher & Intuitive offering Crystals, Crystal Meditation Eye Pillows, Prayer Pillow Cases, Jewelry. www.sacredspacesbypatricia.com


Fort Worth Wrap Girl with DoTerra (Bruni Keiffer & Dawn Crosby Moore) – It Works! Plant Based Botanical Body Wraps & Products and DoTerra Medical Grade Essential Oils. www.fortworthwrapgirl.com


Kathy Minier – Psychic Card Readings with Hand Painted Cards and Astrology. 


The Blue Lotus Shop (Tanya Rojas) – Your One Stop Shop for all of your Spiritual Needs; Tarot, Runes, Dreamcatchers, Graphic Tees, Smudge Sticks & more! www.thebluelotusshop.com


Treasures from Above (Lisa Sullivan-Francisco) – Healing Stones, Spiritual Items, Jewelry, Angel Cards, Art, Collectibles & Antiques. 


Yoli (Sonia Siddiqui) – Consult about Body pH & the Impact on Health, All-Natural Energy Drink, Schedule 1-1s. www.yoliwithus.yoli.com


Quartz Source/Aura Photos (Wayne Darling) – Crystals, Stones, Jewelry and Aura Photography. www.theauraphotographer.com


Path to Wellness Chiropractic (Loren Benjar) – Free Spinal/Posture Screenings. www.pathtowellnesschiropractic.com


Artio Artisanals (Bear & Wendy Griffin) – Crystals & Stones, Jewelry, Hair Accessories, Spiritual & Ceremonial Tools, Incense & Smudges, Essential Oils, Crocheted Accessories & other Metaphysical Items. www.artioartisanals.com


Our Kindred Animal Spirits (Kristin Quintanilla & Gail Feikes) – We design Framed Jeweled Animals & Angels created from Broken, Vintage, Unique, New Jewelry cut and re-purposed. We Meditate & Channel Spirit Animals as we create. www.OurKindredAnimalSpirits.com


HempWorx (Ashley Esposito) – Information about Organic CBD Oil for Humans, plus CBD oil & Treats for Animals, 2 different Anti-Aging Face Creams & CBD Pain Relief Cream. www.cbdwithashley.com


Mad Sigh-Ence (Donna Felkner) All Handmade Small Batch: Soaps, Lotions, Skin Care, Candles, Aroma Blend. www.etsy.com/shop/MadSighEnce


Timitha Bryan – Mediumship, Tarot card readings, Channeling. www.timithabryan.com


Deelicious Scrubs & More (Deauhijela V. Jackson) – Beard Oil, Beard Shampoo, Scrubs with Essential Oils, Bath Salts, Bath Teas, Lip Balm, Lip Scrubs, Facial Serum, Roll On Body Oil with Essential Oil, Facial Toners, Foot Soak, Vapor Rub, Lotion Sticks, Face Wash, Bath Accessories, Soap. www.etsy.com/shop/deeliciousscrub


Wholistic Body Solutions (Jennifer Rydlinski) 20 Minute Reiki Healing Sessions, Holistic Wellness Information. www.wholisticbodysolutions.com


Healing Touch with Rebecca (Rebecca Jeter) Healing Touch Sessions. www.rebeccajeter.com


Heart Song Energy Healing (Melody Wall) Reiki Healing Sessions, Candles , Sprays, Jewelry.


The Nature Gypsy (Erin Deel) Readings, Chair Based Energy Healing, Plasma Based Healing Devices including Patches, Wands & More. www.thenaturegypsy.com


Patricia Walls – Light Language Readings: Claircognizant, Medium & Animal Communication. www.patriciawalls.net


Robin Jesseman Studios (Robin Jesseman) – Original Abstract Art.


Gypsy Angel Creations (Shanna Tippit) – Handmade Energy Jewelry made with Crystals & Gemstones with description cards. Palm Stones, Wands, Home Décor Gemstones. Angel & Fairy Readings. www.etsy.com/shop/gypsyangelcreations


Highest Path (Elise Adam) – Intuitive Tarot & Psychic Readings. 


The GreenMan Studios (Arthur Graye) – Offering different Handmade Products including Handmade Prayer Beads, Wire Wapped Crystal Pendants, Handmade Soaps & Bracelets, Basic Metaphysical Supplies & aromatherapy Sprays. www.thegreenmanstudios.com


Behance Wellness (Coby King) – Holistic Health & Wellness Consultations, Meal Planning, Certified CBD Coaching, CBD Product Sales. www.BehanceWellness.com


Natural Quantum Wellness (Lori Smiskol) – Wellness Pro Plus Sessions: FDA Cleared Device that Reduces and Eliminates Pain & Inflammation. www.naturalquantumwellness.com


It’s My Nature (Mary Helen Schmidt) – Animal Communicator, Medium. www.itsmynature-mhs.com


XYSTYN ART (Christi Roundtree) – Abstract Flow & Textured Art, including Angels, Animals & Mandalas. crystyntx@yahoo.com


Angel Wing Energy Healing (Maggie Cortez) – Reiki Energy Healing Sessions. cortez_maggie10@yahoo.com


Perceptive Souls (Bevin Niemann) – Soul Card Readings. www.perceptivesouls.com


E Ho’omana (Tamara Conner) – Hawaiin Products, HGH Quality Bracelets, Pendalums, Oracle Cards. www.ehoomana.com


Bees will Buzz (Kathi Smith) – Intuitive Rune, Tarot & Pendulum Readings. kat@beeswillbuzz.com


Dr. Deloris Good – Readings including Past Lives, Connecting with Angels, Guides, Teachers & Loved Ones. Graphology with Color Code Handwriting, Healings, Astral Projection. docgood7@yahoo.com


Earthencapture (Danielle Williamson) – Metaphysical Crystals, Gemstone Jewelry, some Artistic Leather Work (purses, jewelry), Wire Wrapped Pendants, Wire Jewelry, Tie-on Sleeves for Dancing. www.earthencapture.com


KKG Creations (Keith Albee) – Handcrafted Jewelry & Metal Arts business that uses several medium including but not limited to Copper, Leather, Semi Precious Stones, Horseshoes & Horseshoe Nails. Offering a complete line of Jewelry, Dreamcatchers, Suncatchers & Metal Art. www.kkgcreations.com


Hoodoo Priestess (Teresa Hodges) – Hoodoo Soaps, Condition Oils, Books, Candles, Honey Jars & Sprays. www.hoodoopriestess.com


Hibiscus Naturals LLC (Hibest Zikru) – All-Natural Bath & Body Products fit for the whole family made from whole, Food-Grade quality ingredients and are scented with pure Essential Oils & Fruit Extracts. No Synthetic Additives, Fragrances, Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates or Propylene Glycols and Cruelty Free. www.hibiscusnaturals.com


Align Health (Jerry Ejuwa) – Spinal Screenings & Free Consultations. www.aligngrapevine.com


Exquisite Designs (Antoinette B. Williams) – One of a Kind Handmade Jewelry. @exquisite_designs_jewelry on Instagram


Turquoise Skies & White Sands (Christine Boilard) – Beautiful Vintage Sterling Silver , Native American, Natural Stones, Crystals, Spiritual, Tribal Jewelry. facebook.com/turquoiseskiesandwhitesands


Oracle of Delfin (Delfin) – Oracle services, Tarot, Runes, Mediumship, Past Lives & Oracle Readings. www.oracleofdelfin.com


Spiritual Art Readings (Michelle Henderson) – Mediumship with Spiritual Art (draw portrait of loved one) & Intuitive Psychic Readings. www.steppingstones2sg.com


Spiritual Arts Institute (Melinda Noble) – Spiritual Arts Institute Books & Class Information. www.spiritualarts.org


Texas Girl Treasures (Melinda King) – Diffuser Jewelry with Natural Stones/Gemstones that can be used with Essential Oils – Earrings, Bracelets & Necklaces Bohemian Style. www.facebook.com/TexasGirlTreasures


That I Am Healing (Ashley Brown) – Reiki Sessions.


Heart Vibe Healing (Amy Schneider) – Crystal Bed Chakra Light Sessions. 


Moonlights Apothecary (James & Jordyn Copeland) – Couple Owned Business specializing in Organic Cold Process Enchanted Soaps made with Essential Oils & charged with Crystals & Energy. Other offerings include Bath Brews for Ritual Baths, Body Scrubs, Spell Kits & Tarot Readings by Jordyn. www.moonlightsapothecary.com


Art of Living Foundation (Sara Fix) – Breathing Techniqes for Stress Reduction & Introduction to the Happiness Program & SKY Breathing Meditation. www.artofliving.org


RAIN (Karen Stepp) – Seed based Nutrition. www.myrainlife.com/kstepp


Lotus Mandala (Anul Shrestha) – Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gongs, Thingsha bells and other Meditation items. Thagka paintings, yoga ware and accessories. Handmade Jewelry. www.instagram.com/lotusmandala.dallas/


Authentic CBD (Brett Kimes) – Hemp Derived CBD Products. www.GetAuthenticCBD.com


Dream Catcher Art (Alisa Tomlinson) – Canvas Art & Dream Catchers, Native American Flute Music CDs. youngpuma@gmail.com